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Your job is it to withstand any striker attack, to make sure no football lands in the goal and your team can be successful. With the JAKO goalkeeper gloves ideal protection for the keeper and the goal are assured.

The innovative glove technology of the JAKO TEC CONCEPT offers the best starting position for maximum performance as a goalkeeper. Special selected materials are made for withstanding high stress and strain of the goalie. High-end adhesive foam, stabilizing finger protection systems and various cut variants meet all requirements and demands. The all-weather grip makes sure you have a good grip in any situation or weather condition. Thanks to the super soft technology the goalkeeper can rely on a high standard of padding and grip. This is guaranteed by the 4 mm thick adhesive foam which is exclusively made in Germany. The JAKO goalkeeper glove has the perfect fit and offer highest protection. The finger protectors are removable and protect the fingers and thumb from hyperextension. This way injuries are avoided and the hand as well as the ball are safe.

The JAKO goalkeeper glove are highly functional and give the goalkeeper a great freedom of movement providing even more safety at catching the ball. The Vario-Velcro closure system is very pleasant to wear and this way the goalkeeper glove can be easily put on and taken off. Without its irritating seams the JAKO goalkeeper gloves fits like a second skin. Additionally, the wrist is stabilised trough the clever closure system. No matter if you have the entry-level model for the younger players of the glove with inserted inner hands for the advanced adult players, the JAKO goalkeeper gloves are on you team and make you look like a pro.

The children sizes are available from 4-7. Starting at size 8, the gloves are also available in half sizes all the way until size 12. On top of the gloves you can also protect yourself with padded jerseys, trousers and underwear – elbows, hips and knees also need to be protected. Combined top with bottoms and new stylish goalkeeper gloves. Go get your goalkeeper outfit and equipment at the JAKO shop.