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The new season is just around the corner, but your club's storeroom looks bad and you need new training equipment? No problem, with JAKO training accessories you always have the optimal equipment at your disposal. For training there are marking caps in different sizes, training poles, tyres, hurdles, coordination ladders, marking shirts and even more equipment.

As a trainer you want to make your team fit in training so that it is ready for maximum performance in every game. The training accessories in our range are perfect for this. To train endurance, coordination and dynamics, coordination ladders, jumping and slalom poles as well as hurdles are perfectly suited. By turning and marking shirts groups and individual persons can be distinguished visibly from each other and training games can be accomplished among themselves. Have you ever tried to play catch with the marking shirts during training? With marking discs and hats you can mark out playing forms or fields and with a little creativity you can do any exercises with the hats. Tires are suitable for target and jump exercises in training and improve the chances of success of your team. The training accessories come in the usual JAKO quality and impress with their material and durability. Especially in team sports it is important to use different training methods to avoid restlessness or boredom. With the multitude of JAKO equipment you can plan and implement many different training units. Of course, you can also use our training equipment privately to bring new momentum to your home workout.

With JAKO's training accessories and a little creativity, everything is at your disposal to make every workout a complete success. The wide selection and variety of training equipment keeps even the most lazy trainers fit and in good spirits. So that you can already fall back on JAKO training accessories during your next training sessions, we deliver reliably and quickly to a Packstation or directly to your home.