Material information

Get information about our material and learn about the JAKO customization techniques. With our innovative and professional technology, we guarantee to deliver the right team sport ware which brings out the best performance in you. 

The JAKO Tec-Concept

The innovative JAKO Tec-Concept combines your outfit with best technologies. Apart from our unique features,  we deliberately focus on great wearing comfort to make sure you feel best in any situation.


The insulating functional materials offer maximum protection against wind and weather. The stop-wind function protects the body from cooling down due to the wind chill effect.


Waterproof functional materials and welded main seams provide reliable protection against moisture. The high water vapour permeability guarantees a pleasant body climate.


At low temperatures, thermo-insulating functional materials protect against cold, keep you warm and maintain an optimal body climate.


Microfine fibres transport moisture directly to the surface of the fabric. The material dries very quickly, protects against cooling and preserves a pleasant body feeling during sports.


For an optimal result, please note the following:

  • Always use high quality materials and equipment. It is worth working with renowned partners
  • Observe the individual manufacturer's information on the customization materials used. In particular with regard to temperature, pressure strength and pressure duration.
  • Before starting the customization, check whether the transfer press is clean, the correct customization temperature has been reached and all other settings such as contact pressure, etc. are correct.
  • Non-textile accessories such as zippers and buttons are sometimes not heat-resistant and should be covered under the heat press.
  • Only sublimation stop film should be used. This prevents the ink from “bleeding through”, especially with white transfer film.
  • Do not fold the finished textiles immediately after the customization process. We recommend letting freshly finished textiles air out a bit.
  • Existing customizations, such as our JAKO logos, should be covered before customizing so that the already hardened adhesive layer does not heat up again.
  • Let your customizer advise you on the optimal type of finishing for the respective textile. Not all types of customization are suitable for every textile and material.
  • We recommend washing customized textiles at 30 ° C if possible, inside out and without the addition of fabric softener in order to protect the prints and foils as best as possible.
  • We are not liable for damage caused by improper customization, but we will be happy to help if you have any further questions about the customization.
Please note these are our JAKO recommendations. Clarify individual cases directly with your customizer.
Please understand that in cases of improper handling we do not assume any liability for damaged products. 

Fabrics and materials

Get an overview of all the fabrics we use for our products.

Textile care

For long fun with your team sports equipment

Textile-friendly washing and drying is an essential part of garment care. In order to enjoy our textiles for a long time, you should pay attention to the care symbols on the label in your clothing.


  • Heavily soiled parts should be soaked in lukewarm water before washing.
  • Zips, Velcro fasteners and buttons must be closed before washing.
  • Please do not wash the textiles with protruding edges or with open Velcro fasteners of other objects.
  • Colour-separate textiles before washing.
  • Always turn printed or finished items to the left side before washing.


  • Please note the washing information on the label in the article.
  • Please use a suitable detergent.
  • Please avoid using fabric softeners, as these can become trapped in the fibres and impair the functions of the textiles, such as moisture regulation, or make elastane threads brittle.
  • Avoid overfilling the washing machine and strong spinning.


  • Pull the textiles into shape after washing.
  • Please always dry your clothes on the left side of the dryer, as long as they are suitable for tumble drying according to the care label.
  • Please do not dry functional clothing and finished goods in the dryer.
  • Do not iron applications and prints.
Please note that this information applies to normal, unfinished household laundry.
Finished textiles must be treated with special care.
Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for damage resulting from improper textile care.